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build a better you.

About us

We believe in the powerful benefits everyone can receive from training both your body and your mindset.

Fiercely independent, we're a small collective of local trainers bringing expert PT, strength training, fitness classes, and yoga to Balsall Common.

Our aim is to help you identify and reach your fitness goals through a personal and purposeful training programme... And we know that making your training journey fun is essential to our shared success - so we're serious about having a good time with it too! 

It doesn’t matter if you have never trained before, are a seasoned gym-goer, or just ready to take your training to the next level... At The Basement, we can guide your growth, coach you where you want to go, and help build a better you.

What we do.

small group personal training

“Big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality.”

Small group PT is at the core of the basement's values, creating a fun, motivating, and quality training environment.

Join an existing class or you and up to 6 friends can train together through part of a structured program with the guidance of an expert coach, working together towards your fitness goals...

the basement. conditioning

The basement studio is offering a hyrox-inspired small group conditioning class! Come join us for this fun, high-intensity workout! This class is designed to push you through your paces and make you hustle for the muscle!

the basement. kettlebell club

The basement's resident kettlebell aficionado Laura @coach_hutchpt is offering her coaching expertise to our members. Swing, clean, and press your way through our fun small group session focusing on; technique & form, functional movements, and injury prevention. 

Start today and build a better you...

our success stories

Here at the basement we celebrate our members' success, we pride ourselves on our members' progression be it physical or mental, taking constructive feedback to create a fun, friendly & hard-working environment. See for yourself what the basement has done for some of our members...


The Dynamo Project is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation. Based in Coventry, they offer support for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with addiction, whether it be drugs and/or alcohol misuse. 

At the basement, we are passionate about helping people become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. We believe everybody has the right to good health and to feel happy with themselves inside and out.

Our focus is on creating a friendly and supportive environment in which people can identify and reach their fitness goals through a personal and purposeful training programme.

We are so proud to be partnering with The Dynamo Project, take a look and see what some of the project participants had to say...


I contacted Phia back in November 2021, at my lowest point physically and mentally and with diastasis recti (separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen due to 3 pregnancies) to tackle. I was expecting to get a free intro session in a next few weeks but she simply just said “come tonight” my first thought was “sh#t I’m not ready, I didn’t want to start so soon”… I went… and my body ached for a week, I couldn’t move properly, but I never looked back! 

Very quickly Phia noticed that I need extra push (I’m intrinsically lazy when it comes to physical exercise) to go further (heavier!) and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!…Something I’ve never experienced at any other gym or yoga class! 

With her motivation and guidance through macronutrients fast forward to today and I’m feeling good in my own body again!!! Managed to narrow the gap of my stomach mussels by 1.5cm, feeling sooo much better mentally… Loosing few kg and gaining new friends was just a pleasant ’side effect’ I wasn’t expecting at all! And it’s only part of the journey into ‘building a better me’

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-01 at 5.00.01 PM (1).jpeg

More Video Testimonials From Our Members...

Where to find us...

The basement studio is located on Station Road in the center of Balsall Common, a small yet thriving community in the heart of Warwickshire.

With excellent connections to the surrounding towns and cities and private parking, the basement is the perfect place to build a better you... 

Opening Times:

Come down and see us:

Mon - Fri: 6am - 8pm

Sat: 7am - 2pm

Sun: 9am - 12pm

Start your training journey today...

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